Berlusconi market just has a seasoned Bitcoin escrow. Berlusconi market is focused on darknet customer.
The administration of Berlusconi Market wants to add a lot of features for the convenience of using the market for both sellers and buyers.

http://l7mvbtmhnfs5ql7y.onion – Tor browser – ordinary web browser

Berlusconi Market-this market is darknet, which is characterized by the absence of wallet for the account. All transactions take place outside of the market, directly from the buyer’s wallet to the seller’s wallet, although using a escrow service to avoid fraud and embezzlement. It is also worth noting that Berlusconi is very similar to another market: Hansa Market. Berlusconi provides an opportunity for its customers to pay in bitcoins and litecoin.

How to Access Berlusconi Market

Previously, it was impossible to access the Berlusconi market through a regular browser, but the administration of the market decided to create an additional mirror for access to the market through a regular browser to solve the problem of the client to access and thereby simplify.
Also the market has its official link to .onion (Deep Web) – link to which you can also get below. (To access the link .onion needs Tor browser)

http://l7mvbtmhnfs5ql7y.onion – Tor browser – ordinary web browser

However, in order to guarantee your anonymity when using darknet markets Berlusconi. To be sure that you do not leave any traces when making transactions on darknet markets, be sure to use VPN.

It is also important to use PGP encryption/decryption when communicating with anyone on Berlusconi market. This is to ensure that no one can track you or find out about your identity.

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